Evenryone knows, that Eating Healthy is Fun
Eating healthy is fun

Everyone Knows, that Eating Healthy is Fun

That is why we started our mission to create online tool, that will help you in process of creating an easy to manage diet planner.

Currently we are growing a database of ingredients and recipes, by the end of 2023 we will release sections of the site that will allow you to submmit your own recipes (the page will calculate all the nutrients stats automatically for you!) and prepare weekly diet with automatic nutrition stats and shopping list.

Please stay tuned - simply bookmark our webpage, and visit it from time to time. If you like it, do not forget to share a link on social media - traffic from new users give us the power to work harder.

Our Promise To You

We do our best to provide most accurate data about ingredients and its nutrition facts, the recipes and the ease of use of our webpage. The data about ingredients is taken mostly from USDA databases but you should have in mind that even with the most acurate sources in reallife some food properties may depend on other factors like usage of fertilizers or ripeness of vegetables/fruits or the way you process your food during cooking. Currently in our database there are over 9000 ingredients that we have to verify before showing online.