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Salad from fermented cucumbers 27th May 2022

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Salad from fermented cucumbers

Ingredients for 4 serves in 10 minutes

cucumber, fermented 6.0 piece
onions, raw 1.0 piece
apples, raw, with skin 1.0 piece
sugar, white, granulated or lump 1.0 teaspoon
oil, canola 2.0 tablespoon
black pepper, peppercorns, dried 1.0 gram

Simple, quick and easy - but still great salad. It will be a great addition to a lot of meat meals. Will also do a for hot dog.

Instructions how to prepare

  1. Cut off the ends of cucumbers, then slice it, the thinner slices, the better.
  2. Peel the onion, cut it into thin slices then quaters.
  3. Peel off the apple, remove seeds and grate it on large mesh.
  4. Mix all the ingredients, then season with a little bit of freshly grouned pepper.
  5. It will taste best after an hour or two, but you can prepare it just before your meal.

General Facts for given proportions

total (703.4g)per serve (175.85g)units
Energy 458.3114.58kcal
Carbohydrates 50.6912.67g
Sugars 34.758.69g
Fiber 9.442.36g
Fat 29.077.27g
Protein 3.960.99g

Vitamins for given proportions

total (703.4g)per serve (175.85g)units
A 0.020.01mg
B1 0.20.05mg
B2 0.170.04mg
B3 0.450.11mg
B5 0.260.07mg
B6 0.40.1mg
C 29.077.27mg
E 5.281.32mg
K 0.030.01mg

Minerals for given proportions

total (703.4g)per serve (175.85g)units