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Homemade fermented cucumbers 12th Jul 2022

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Homemade fermented cucumbers

Ingredients for 4 serves in 120 minutes

cucumber, with peel, raw 1000.0 gram
garlic, raw 6.0 clove
water 2.0 liter
salt 2.0 tablespoon
horseradish, root, raw 50.0 gram
dill weed, fresh 1.0 bunch

Healthy and delicious will stay fresh for few months. Select tasty cucumers, the best will be the ones that were not fertilized by farmer.

Instructions how to prepare

  1. Dissolve salt in hot water.
  2. Wash the cucumbers.
  3. Scald out the caps and jars.
  4. Pack the jars thightly with cucumbers, add garlic cloves cut in halfs (1 clove /jar), small part of horseradish root, dill flowers and half of horseradish leaf. You can add cherry leaf too.
  5. Pour it all over with hot brine so that it covers the cucumbers thoroughly.
  6. Close the jar and leave for fermentation in cold basement for 2 or 3 weeks.

General Facts for given proportions

total (3147.0g)per serve (786.75g)units
Energy 272.3968.1kcal
Carbohydrates 55.613.9g
Sugars 21.055.26g
Fiber 7.931.98g
Fat 1.90.47g
Protein 10.252.56g

Vitamins for given proportions

total (3147.0g)per serve (786.75g)units
A 0.050.01mg
B1 0.370.09mg
B2 0.460.12mg
B3 1.830.46mg
B5 2.90.72mg
B6 0.930.23mg
C 72.9318.23mg
E 0.330.08mg
K 0.170.04mg

Minerals for given proportions

total (3147.0g)per serve (786.75g)units