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Cold cucumber salad 6th Jul 2022

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Cold cucumber salad

Ingredients for 4 serves in 15 minutes

lettuce, iceberg (includes crisphead types), raw 0.5 piece
cucumber, with peel, raw 3.0 piece
chives, raw 1.0 bunch
dill weed, fresh 1.0 bunch
sour cream, light 2.0 tablespoon
juice, lemon, raw 2.0 tablespoon
sugar, white, granulated or lump 1.0 teaspoon
salt 1.0 gram
black pepper, peppercorns, dried 1.0 gram

Quick and easy recipe for salad from lettuce and cucumbers, tastes best when chilled for few hours in the fridge.

Instructions how to prepare

  1. Wash the lettuce, tear it into smaller parts.
  2. Wash the cucumbers, peel them and cut into thin slices.
  3. Wash the dill and chives, chop.
  4. Prepare juice by mixing lemon juice, sugar and sour cream. Season with a little bit of salt and grounded pepper.
  5. Mix all the ingredients, add sauce. It tastes best when chilled.

General Facts for given proportions

total (1077.1g)per serve (269.27g)units
Energy 258.0264.5kcal
Carbohydrates 45.7711.44g
Sugars 22.695.67g
Fiber 9.962.49g
Fat 5.441.36g
Protein 12.23.05g

Vitamins for given proportions

total (1077.1g)per serve (269.27g)units
A 0.370.09mg
A1 0.030.01mg
B1 0.410.1mg
B2 0.520.13mg
B3 2.120.53mg
B5 2.310.58mg
B6 0.580.14mg
C 123.6930.92mg
E 1.050.26mg
K 0.410.1mg

Minerals for given proportions

total (1077.1g)per serve (269.27g)units