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Celery and Carrot Salad 7th Jul 2022

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Celery and Carrot Salad

Ingredients for 4 serves in 15 minutes

celery, raw 1.0 piece
carrots, raw 1.0 piece
apples, raw, without skin 1.0 piece
yogurt, plain, whole milk 3.0 teaspoon
mayonnaise, regular 1.0 teaspoon
sugar, white, granulated or lump 1.0 teaspoon
salt 0.5 gram
lemons, raw, without peel 0.5 piece

Quick and easy salad that works nicely with meat and fish meals.

Instructions how to prepare

  1. Wash the vegetables and apple. Peel off the carrot and small apple.
  2. Grate them on large mesh grate.
  3. Add juice squeezed from half of the lemon, sugar, a little bit of salt, mayonaise and yogurt. Mix well, and it is ready to eat!

General Facts for given proportions

total (977.99g)per serve (244.5g)units
Energy 305.8976.47kcal
Carbohydrates 61.7715.44g
Sugars 37.599.4g
Fiber 17.074.27g
Fat 5.811.45g
Protein 7.011.75g

Vitamins for given proportions

total (977.99g)per serve (244.5g)units
A 1.390.35mg
B1 0.280.07mg
B2 0.510.13mg
B3 3.590.9mg
B5 2.140.54mg
B6 0.750.19mg
C 56.2314.06mg
E 2.920.73mg
K 0.200.05mg

Minerals for given proportions

total (977.99g)per serve (244.5g)units

How single serve of this meal meets your daily requirements